welcomes you to our newly renovated home. is meant to jolt the imagination, to delight, and to satisfy a certain kind of hunger. Here we’ll savor many creations and ideas, each hand-picked for their quality of bringing the extraordinary to you.

Watch for it!

Goth Girl Found Some Lovecraft

[table id=1 /] is not a brand new site.  For several years we have been here, but the time has come to renovate the old place at last, and this is some of what you can expect to find as we work to complete our renovations:

We present to you fiction, art, events, selective products, resource sites, reviews, and points of view without that aftertaste of doom and gloom usually attached to the goth or goth girl label.  We won’t let it flutter away in fluffy lightness, but it won’t be unrelenting doom, either.  A fine balance in all things, is what we like to say around here.

Selectivity takes a little time, but we’re on it.  In the meantime, shiny new strands will be added to the web often.

News of interest, home decor, makeup, accessories, music, art, writing, curiosities, and anything else that catches my eye . . . what I find worth presenting to you, I’ll  feature with enthusiasm.

We will continue to bring you Lovecraft in horror and mythos!  Come see what fun Lovecraft can be in play, home decor, reading and viewing.  But that’s not all we have for you.  We’ll show you some unique and must-have finds from our explorations and research, and they will each have something of value to you, in aesthetic, creative, or practical ways.

Have a pleasing time here!

Until next we meet,
Enjoy your night,
Hunter of the Extraordinary

GothGirl Editor

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